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The Thirdeyeopentrades newsletter presents charted, weekly trading ideas and market commentary for swing traders; designed to help save you the precious time it takes in researching good ideas. We cover 420, precious metal and general markets. We don’t claim to know where the stocks are going, but simply speculate, based upon chart patterned setups, where they may be likely to go. Ideas are clearly labeled with support, resistance, stops and price targets with brief commentary. We seek a minimum of 3:1 reward vs risk setups, with a minimum 10% move potential. 

What You Do

You need to do your own fundamental and technical research for each idea presented, and then execute based upon your own unique trading plan and style. Thirdeyeopentrades gets you started…you do all the work and assume all the risk!  


Thirdeyeopentrades is not a licensed or registered financial advisory service so we recommend you consult your personal financial advisor before executing any trade.  


"Love your charts. Over the years your charts have become one of the  foundation elements of my trading style. Last 12 months, I outperformed  the S&P  better than 4:1, and a good part of the credit goes to  you. Thank you. Long past time I become a  paying subscriber, out of basic respect and gratitude if nothing else.  Please let me know how to make payment when you get a chance. I look  forward to it." David, Austin TX (Feb 2019)

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